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Miscellaneous - helicopter
At the following new and innovative projects in the field of model helicopters by "CAD+Modelltechnik Jung" will be presented at this point.. These are currently in the design phase, prototyping or already in the test phase.
After successfully completing the tests, these will in future be produced and sold in small series.
If you have any questions about the projects and products presented here, please contact:
We would be happy to provide you with further information or make you an offer.
Do you also have new ideas ... but fail to implement them?! Please contact us. We're here to help!
  • NEW to the range is a calcium bucket, suitable for scale models that are also originally used for transporting external loads
  • scale is 1: 4 (other sizes, i.e. other scales, are also possible upon request)
  • delivered as an assembly kit (all parts are 3D printed with filament or made of glasfibre or aluminum, incl. screws and nuts)
  • diameter approx. 242 mm
  • height 328 mm (overall)
  • contents approx. 6 liters
  • total weight approx. 700 gr.
  • delivery is unpainted and can be made at your own discretion. To ensure that the RP plastic parts has a surface that is as smooth as possible, the parts must be wet-sanded by the customer and provided with spray filler (e.g. from a spray can, which is not part of the assembly kit)
  • a mini servo is required to accurately apply calcium or similar in flight. This sits under a cover in the calcium bucket and is controlled using a correspondingly long servo cable. The "KST X06H V6.0" is intended as the servo. If required, we can supply the appropriate KST servo.
  • the delivery takes place without the rope / cable to the helicopter
  • the price is due to the fact that the printing time of the plastic parts alone is over 25 hours
We designed new blade holders for Josef Kofler's Bell AH-1 "Cobra".
The impressive scale model with a rotor diameter of approx. 3.3 m and a weight of approx. 40 kg is powered by a Jakadofsky turbine with an output of 10 kW.
But with the current design, the pressure bearings in the blade holders show clear marks on the running surfaces after a few hours of flight time. As a result, the blade bearings run more sluggishly during operation and vibrations occur, especially when the main rotor runs up to system speed.
We have taken on the topic and have completely changed the design of the blade holders with the bearings. The new design is similar to our large Dragonfly T50 helicopter drones. A larger axial bearing (thrust bearing) and 2 larger radial bearings were provided. The axial bearing is now also installed between the two radial bearings. As a result, the thrust bearing, which is otherwise quickly overloaded, no longer jams and the service life is significantly increased. In addition, the inner structure of the blade holder is designed in such a way that complete encapsulation is guaranteed. The bearings are completely filled with special bearing grease using a grease gun. A special seal prevents grease from being thrown out during operation. In addition, no dirt can get into the bearings. The bearings are thus lubricated for life.
In principle, the original edgy design of the blade holder was retained unchanged.

If you also want to convert your Bell AH-1 "Cobra", then simply send us a request by email.
We would be happy to make you a non-binding offer.
The picture on the right shows the original blade holder with its complete bearing by means of an axial bearing and 2 radial bearings.
The axial bearing (thrust bearing) is located at the end of the blade bearing shaft and can tilt slightly due to the rather weak radial bearing - this causes the axial bearing, which is also small, to wear out extremely quickly. We have completely changed this structure and reinforced and optimized all important points.

The CAD images below show the new design
At the customer's request, we have developed a simple trainer chassis for the Ka-32 from Vario-Helicopter (scale 1:10). The Spanish customer wants to integrate a Pixhawk autopilot into the Ka-32 for test purposes.
The chassis, consisting of the landing gear, RC rack and tail, including the T-tail, should be simple and easily accessible from all sides. The requirement was that no changes should be made to the existing Vario helicopter mechanics. Rather, everything should be easy to assemble and later disassemble again, so that the mechanics can later be assembled in the fuselage cell of the Ka-32. In addition, larger batteries should also be provided for a longer flight time. The T-tail should be designed in such a way that a special GPS antenna can be mounted. The mounting plates for the RC system and the tail units are made of Carbon. All other parts are made of aluminum or in rapid prototyping (carbon-reinforced). The landing gear is also completely made of Carbon.

If you also want to convert your Ka-32 into a trainer, simply send us an email.
We would be happy to make you a non-binding offer.

Below are some photos of the conversion kit and images from the 3D CAD
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