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Constructional plans CNC milling machine
Scope of the construction plan:
  • 72 pages, A4, colored cover, plastic cover
Description of the construction plan
  • The extensive construction plan includes all drawings of the individual parts, assembly drawings, printouts and parts lists, as well as a detailed description of the construction and proof of delivery
  • All parts are shown as individual part drawings in a 3-side view and isometric view
  • Assembly drawings and exploded views of the assemblies make it easier to replicate the machine
  • All drawings have been created with a professional 3D CAD tool
  • The building instructions contain the most important descriptions for processing the individual parts and their assembly
  • According to the detailed documentation, the experienced model builder, equipped with a column drill and lathe, should have no problems assembling the machine
  • The construction plan also shows the assembly of a router motor with the required bracket in detail. A bracket construction for the coolant supply completes the construction plan
  • Technical data see below
The construction plan is available in German and English and can be delivered immediately
-> By clicking on the image below, a multi-page sample of the construction plan appears
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67 pages, A4, plastic folder
Reading sample by clicking on the image on the left
Technical data:
• Traverse paths: X = 745 mm, Y = 275 mm, Z = 100 mm (the traverse paths can be reduced or enlarged in steps of 100mm by making a minimal change to the components)
• Footprint: 1200 x 800 mm
• Guides: linear guides and spindle drives with recirculating ball bearing guides for maximum precision
• Machinable materials: wood, plastics, fiber composites (CFRP, GFRP or similar), aluminum
• Usable milling spindle motors: three-phase motor with speed control via frequency converter (220V), router motor or high-frequency spindle
• Control: Control of the CNC milling machine via PC, power electronics and software.
• Proof of delivery for power electronics and software are described in the construction description and parts list
29.80 €(MwSt. incl.)
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