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Helicopter mechanics SRM-T "Python"
Since 2009, the newly developed built-in helicopter mechanics SRM-T (Standard Rotor Mechanics-Turbine) "Python" have been included in the program.
The mechanics are specially designed for the powerful 2-shaft turbines from JetCat and "Taurus" from Pahl in connection with prototypical multi-blade rotor heads. In addition, versions for the Jakadofsky PJW turbines are also available.
A version for the ZG62SL petrol engine is also available under the name SRM-E.
In addition, various electromechanics are offered under the designation SRM-A.
All mechanical versions presented here have in common the bevel gear in a hermetically sealed oil bath. Only this can transmit the high performance of the drives safely and wear-free over the long term. The reduction between main and tail rotor is 1:5.
New in the 2012 version are the 15 mm rotor shaft in conjunction with larger bearings, delivery incl. 15 mm swash plate, sealing of all gear housing parts with O-rings, simplified conversion from left to right rotation, backlash-free freewheel, aluminum servo mounts for the 4-point linkage .
New in the 2015 version are the swashplates with a significantly larger diameter (only in connection with the 4-point servo linkage) with the swashplate holder with full ball bearings.

Available versions, prices and delivery times: please send an Email to cad-modelltechnik-jung@web.de
The images shown below only show some versions of different designs available.
You can find some examples of RC helicopters equipped with our Python mechanisms in various designs in our gallery.
Version 12, with Pahl Taurus turbine below, exhaust possible in front of or behind the rotor shaft
Version 3, with the PRO-6000 turbine from Jakadofsky arranged at the rear/above, exhaust to the rear
Version 7, with the Jakadofsky PRO-6000 turbine underneath, exhaust to the rear (or available as version 5 in the mirrored version, i.e. exhaust to the front - such as for the Mil Mi-24 "Hint").
the new, enlarged swashplate is mounted with the 4-point linkage and the 5-blade rotor head from LSZ. Also good to see is the full ball bearing swash plate holder
The newly designed swashplate in conjunction with the 4-point linkage, the swashplate driver with full ball bearings and the 4-blade rotor head from LSZ-Rotorkopf harmonize perfectly
Version 13, with JetCat SPT10-RX-H turbine underneath (power approx. 9 kW), exhaust system to the rear/top, 15 mm rotor shaft, 4-point linkage of the swashplate, inner ring available for 2- and multi-blade rotor heads, for model helicopters with a take-off weight of up to 50 kg.
Version 15, with JetCat SPT15-RX-H turbine underneath (power approx. 15 kW), exhaust system to the rear/top, 20 mm rotor shaft, 4-point linkage of the swashplate, inner ring available for 2- and multi-blade rotor heads, for model helicopters with a take-off weight of up to 90 kg.
The model of the Apache AH-64 with a rotor diameter of 2.5 m, made by Alterbaum Premium Helicopter.
Here in the special livery of the Dutch Air Force for the 100th anniversary. This extraordinary model is powered by our Python SRM-T turbine mechanics with the single-shaft turbine PRO-6000 from Jakadofsky
Technical data
The special design features of the SRM-T "Python" helicopter mechanics at a glance:
  • mechanics special for scale helicopter models
  • very compact mechanics
  • rotor diameter up to 2.8 m
  • vibration-decoupled turbine output (with the 2-shaft turbines)
  • 2-stage reduction gear to the main rotor
  • first stage via toothed belt or spur gear
  • second stage via completely encapsulated oil bath gear (hardened spiral-toothed bevel gear, reduction 1 : 5
  • all sealing surfaces are sealed with O-rings
  • tail rotor output that rotates with the autorotation
  • powerfully dimensioned auto-rotation freewheel
  • 4 x 90° servo assembly
  • aluminum servo mounts
  • swashplate guide with multiple ball bearings
  • carbon side plates
  • swashplates in various designs for controlling 2- to 5-blade rotor heads
  • rotor diameter 15 mm (you can also get the right multi-blade rotor heads from us!)
  • tail rotor output 8 mm
  • nominal speed of the main rotor approx. 850 -1,050 rpm depending on the reduction
  • the direction of rotation of the main rotor can be selected to the left or right
  • installation of other turbine brands and turbine/rotor configurations possible on request
  • the swash plate driver is not included in the scope of delivery

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