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Manufacturing licenses for industrial helicopter drones
On request, we sell licenses for the manufacture of various industrial helicopter drones. All offered helicopter drones have been developed by us in recent years and are now up for sale. For more detailed information, please refer to the specifications of the individual types listed below.
The performance data of the offered drones are far higher than those of the usual drones, so flight times of up to 3.5 hours or carrying payload of up to 50 kg can be achieved (fuel incl. Payload in the form of equipment such as camera systems, 3D Scanners, measuring devices or e.g. spraying devices).
In addition to the Koax X-252 and X-342, with coaxial rotor system, we also offer all drone systems of the Dragonfly series  (Dragonfly T15, T25, M35 and T50) with a Flettner double rotor, as well as the Dragon-50 V2  (SDO 50 V2) from Swissdrones AG.
All offered helicopter drones are industrial versions, which are optimized with regard to minimal maintenance effort and costs.
Equipped with an autopilot, the drones can be used for a wide variety of tasks.
Talk to us and benefit from our know-how!
All documents are available in German, English on request.
Prices on request!
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Watch the product presentation video on Youtube:

Product presentations:
Spraying system, suitable for Dragonfly M35, M35-Trainer and T50, Dragon-50 V2
Spraying system

-> More pictures after clicking on the picture on the left

Technical specifications:
• suitable for Dragonfly M35, M35-Trainer and T50, Dragon-50 V2
• Spraying system for the application of sprays in vineyards or on fields in agriculture
• width of the spray bar: 2.8 m
• Spray width: ca. 4.5 m
• Tank volume: 2 x 22 Ltr. (or 2 x 10 Ltr.)
• Version with 7 nozzles
• Electric pump, adjustable for different application rates
• pump head in industrial version
• Spray arms can be folded forward or backward
• Weight: kg
-> The design of the spray width and number of nozzles can be adjusted according to your specifications

Scope of the manufacturing license are the following data:
• BOM and supplier list
• Drawings: xx drawings of the individual parts, as PDFs
• Step files: xx pieces of items, and all used standard parts, step file of the whole assembly
• Exclusivity on request
• The drawings and views of the components shown an example of the offered data
• Data will be made available via download link or on CD
Change requests in the construction are possible by means of hourly billing. Additional data on request.
The photos show examples of the complete drone with the spraying system.
An unlimited number of spraying systems can be built.
Price on request
Immediate availability
0.00 €(MwSt. incl.)
Reprint only with the permission of the author. All statements without guarantee.
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